• Different regulations, contract manufacturers and local requirements demand numerous adaptations of the process and product initially developed
  • Critical production and QC data is spread across the globe at each individual production site
  • New regulation and developments in technology and science urge you to continuously change your processes
  • Central monitoring or even control of the product is challenging


  • Control your production and QC standards globally by creating master documents to be adjusted at company and site level
  • Monitor production and QC real-time
  • See trends before they turn into issues
  • Ensure one product quality despite national or local requirements


  • Manage your network including equipment and critical materials like precursors or cassettes in CORE
  • Transfer your standards on production and QC as version controlled cloud-based assets into DOCS
  • Stay in control of all local adaptations and create ready-to-use electron batch records in ASSYST
  • Track production progress real-time and document relevant information automatically
  • Collect, monitor and trend information across sites, networks, and regions