• Lack of oversight of all production and supporting processes at site and operator level
  • Time-consuming documentation in paper batch records
  • High numbers of batch failures leading to even more time spent on investigation & documentation
  • High staff turnover leading to burdensome need for repeated onboarding and training


  • Assign tasks to operators and track real-time on site and even organizational level
  • Transfer your processes in clear-cut centrally managed ready-to-execute instructions
  • Execute production and other processes hands-free and error-free with smart glasses and AR-supported computer vision models
  • Support remotely as needed using live AR-supported video & audio call with in SHARE
  • Document all activities automatically
  • Monitor and trend critical data real-time


  • Transfer your processes once into DOCS
  • Assign to operators creating a daily schedule in CORE
  • Automatically document activities using ASSYST
  • Reduce human error in production up 60% and reducing time for documentation up to 90%