• Researcher love science much more than documenting their activities
  • Teams are spread over the globe and still need to cooperatively work as one
  • Scientists need to manage several technicians across labs or sites
  • Information compiled over months and years resides in thousands of files making it difficult to condense and retrieve knowledge that matters


  • Use latest computer vision technology to document on-the-fly what your researchers are doing in the lab
  • Tag and save documentation in a cloud-base repository
  • Use intuitive AR-featured collaborative tool to interact with peers and team member wherever they are
  • Build your knowledge base in a system that enables a seamless transfer into clinical development and commercialization


  • Create and manage your team in CORE
  • Setup experimental plans and minimal documentation requirements in DOCS
  • Use ASSYST workflows to allow researcher automatic documentation of their lab activities and to ensure correct execution of experimental plans by technicians