Augmenticon™ ASSYST beta version released

We are excited to inform you that Augmenticon™ SHARE Version 6.0 has been released. This version marks a milestone in the development of our application as it introduces the beta version of Augmenticon™ ASSYST, which will:

  • Reduce human and process errors.
  • Reduce training time.
  • Reduce implementation time for new pharma products/ equipment.

Different to SHARE, the guidance and control provided by ASSYST works without the remote presence of an expert. It guides the operator through freely configurable, predefined workflows. These workflows provide exact text, photo, or video instructions on the task at hand. And they can also capture different types of feedback (text, single-/ multiple choice, photos, QR codes), which is then compiled into a report.

Workflows can be configured via a simple and easy to understand process in our web application. They are versioned and released in a controlled manner. Workflows can be executed on the web, on smartphones, tablets or smart glasses.

Other updates included in this release are:

  • Complete reimplementation of the Smart Glasses App: We completely redesigned the user interface of the apps and significantly improved its performance and stability.
  • Initial release of the AR Viewer module as beta version: The SHARE AR Viewer is the new way to provide powerful interactive experiences on your machines to service technicians and operators. With just a few clicks, the user can go from the CAD model of a machine to an interactive Augmented Reality visualization. By overlaying an AR model over the real machine, the user is able to quickly get a first look into the machine without disturbing the ongoing machine operation. Once the user has opened up the machine, it becomes fascinatingly easy and intuitive to retrieve documents, cases and workflows belonging to specific components of the machine.
  • Improvements of the “HD Freeze” feature

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