AUGMENTICON SHARE™ Version 7.0 Released

We are excited to inform you that the Augmenticon SHARE version 7.0 has been released. Our developers have come up with an array of new features, which significantly enhance the use of the technology as well as the user experience.  New features include:

  • Guest Users
    • Invite guests to a call via a link. Guest users do not need to create an account and can join the videocall via link directly from their browser.
  • Advanced Features in REMOTE SUPPORT
    • Shared Pointer: Share your pointer to draw the attention of other participants in the call to specific areas in the video call.
    • Navigation Mode: Navigate other participants in the call to the right place with our new Navigation Mode.
    • Zoom: View hidden areas of the video image in detail from a distance.
  • Mobile Browser Videocall
    • Use the video call directly in your smartphone and tablet mobile browser (Apple Safari for iPhone and iPad; Google Chrome & Samsung Browser for Android devices) even without an app.
  • Completely redesigned Android app for smartphones and tablets
    • Enjoy the new intuitive design and the improved Android application. We have now redesigned the app, which was originally developed in the Java programming language, in the more modern programming language Kotlin. In addition to a completely revised UI guide, the performance and stability have been significantly improved.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes of all apps

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